Switchgear and Generators

Below is our current list of switchgear and generators available for rent.  Please click on the Unit Number to see the test report, nameplate, and photos.

Unit (Click for info) DISCONNECT SWITCHES Tag # S/N Mfg.
SW-2 S&C PMH-5 LBS 14.4kVNom/17kV Max/95kV BIL/600A 10563 997503 S&C
SW-4 Cutler Hammer Outdoor LBS 480V 3000A 10788 PAY00235 Cutler Hammer
SW-6 GE SE-100 5kV/600A outdoor non-fuse disc switch 11175 SE-100 GE
SW-12 GE PSI/II 15kV 600A outdoor fused disconnect 11459 1564044 GE
SW-14 Federal Pacific PMH-5 outdoor fuxed disconnect 11477 J26259 Federal Pacific
SW-15 S&C Electric Mini-Rupter 255332R1-W5 11498 612175 S&C Electric
GEN-4 MQ-125 125kW Diesel 11353 7501193 Multi-Quip
4/0 Type W 400A capacity in 50-ft lengths
Cables are fitted with camlock connections.
$45.00 per end charge for any cut off connectors.